9th Annual Wine and Art Reception at Veasey

Veasey Park will again host its annual fundraiser, the Wine and Art Reception, on Saturday November 8th  from 5-8:30 PM.

Maggios-Cranes.jpgTickets cost $20

 Included in the ticket price are unlimited food and beverages, as well as live entertainment featuring local musician “AJ Edwards”.
Guests will be able to browse and purchase from a broad selection of locally created art. Continue reading

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The New England Ghost Project is Coming to Veasey!

Spirit Quest2014

This year at Spirit Quest we step back in time as we look at the rise of Spiritualism and Ghost Hunting. Two separate methodologies, but both searching for the same goal: proof of the existence of life after death.
Since the first raps and taps used by the Fox Sisters to connect with those who have gone before us, Spiritualists have employed a variety of time worn methods and devices including table tipping, glass swirling, spirit boards, and séances to reach out beyond the veil.
Meanwhile, those of a different mindset, the Ghost Hunter, have drawn upon science and logic to devise mechanical equipment and protocols to further their search for their elusive quarry.SQtitle.fw
Who is correct? And who has obtained the best results?
Both were riddled with fakery and corruption, often in conflict with each other, but each endured in their search for the ultimate goal: proof of the afterlife.

Workshops and Presentations:

  • History of Ghost Hunting
  • History of Spiritualism
  • Harry Houdini and the Paranormal
  • Psychometry Workshop Spirit Photography
  • Spiritualist Prayer Meeting
  • The Ouija and Spirit Board
  • Table Tipping Workshop
  • Automatic writing
  • Raudive Diode
  • History of Ghost Tech
  • The Red Light Séance
  • Early Spirit Communication Machines
  • The Spirit Gallery
  • Steam Punk Ghost Hunt
  • Dining with the Dead

For more information or to purchase tickets go to:  www.neghostproject.com
or call 978-455-6678


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Thank You For Visiting Our New & Improved Site!

Let Us Host Your Next Event: Rent One Room or The Whole Place.
We host events of all types and sizes at very affordable rates


Whether it’s the spacious, yet cozy living room with it’s large rock fireplace, or our 1,500 square foot chapel, we are sure to have the space that’s right for your event.
Decorate how you wish – Complimentary banquet tables and chairs are included with the rental space. A large kitchen is also available upon request. Our outdoor space is a beautiful location for a wedding ceremony/reception, with exterior power for catering and entertainment equipment. 
Enjoy our freshwater shoreline, acres of fields, recreation/picnic area and multiple walking trails. They are all free and open to the public year round, from dawn till dusk.

It’s no wonder Veasey is called “Groveland’s Hidden Gem.”

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