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Veasey Memorial Park
Teen Volunteer Program

Are you a local teen looking to get involved in the community?

Do you have community service hour requirements to meet for high school graduation?

Then check out the Veasey Memorial Park Teen Volunteer Program for volunteer opportunities!

Most volunteer opportunities are 3-hour time blocks.

All volunteering takes place at Veasey Memorial Park at 201 Washington Street in Groveland, MA.
Here are just some of the opportunities you will find available throughout the year:
- Assist in running games or arts/crafts activities at community events
- Assist with gardening
- Assist with Spring clean-up
- Assist with Fall clean-up

- Assist Director with administrative projects (mailings, filing, …)

Why volunteer?

          You have a lot of demands on your time and it can be hard to fit in everything you want to do, but did you know that volunteering reinforces important skills you will use throughout your lifetime?  From strengthening your leadership and decision- making skills, to enhancing your communication skills and ability to manage your time efficiently, volunteering builds self-confidence and shows others that they can depend on you.  And you know what? It feels good to volunteer!!

Why chose Veasey Memorial Park for your volunteer work?

          Whether you have been visiting Veasey Memorial Park since you were a young child or are new to all that Veasey Memorial Park has to offer, please consider donating your time with us.  Veasey Memorial Park is a community gathering spot full of trails, fields, wildlife and more.  Come work alongside your friends and neighbors, get to know your community and take pride in doing your part to maintain this unique and special park.  And when you volunteer at community events, you will act as a role model to the younger children in the community as well as enjoy working with teams of multi-generational volunteers.  Volunteering at Veasey Memorial Park is a wonderful way to give back to your community and have fun doing it!

All community service hours forms will be signed at the completion of each volunteer shift.

Interested in current volunteer opportunities?  Email our director, Vanessa!

Email the director of Veasey Park at or drop us a note using our Contact Form.

We’re Hiring

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