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Lightning Strikes at Veasey Memorial Park (Musically, Not Literally)

After a great fall season at Veasey Memorial Park, Forged Muse Productions is ready to strike up some winter fun with auditions for The Lightning Thief, The Percy Jackson Musical this coming wednesday 12/20 at 6pm!

The Lightning Thief, adapted from the book series by Rick Riordan is a fun filled musical filled with friendship, and lessons for all ages! We are so excited to be bringing it to life at Veasey Memorial Park!

Follow the trials of Percy Jackson, a demi-god as he faces up against bullys both mortal and godly in an epic adventure to the underworld and back to save his mother, his friends, and retrieve the stolen lightning bolt of Zeus! That's right, the gods are the greek gods.

"This educational theater program is open to students aged 5-18 years old, and is a great experience to develop skills in acting, dancing, and singing all while bonding with a close knit community! We can't wait to get started!" - Director, and founder of Forged Muse Productions, Amanda Beveridge

Check out some of the fun Forged Muse Productions had this fall below with their productions of Snow White, A Spot of Murder, and As You Like It and reach out if you're interested in joining their winter fun at

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