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Lucile's Cottage

Over the past year, the vision of transforming Lucile's Cottage at Veasey Memorial Park into an art space has gained momentum. As this dream approaches reality, we want community input on the details that make a space special.


This winter, the Veasey Memorial Park team (architect included) hosted three community focus group conversations to get feedback on specific design elements and uses of the space. These events are open to the public, but each one has a specific group that it will be geared towards.


The conversation dates and focuses were:

Conversation with Merrimack Valley Artists,

5:30 - 7 PM, Wednesday, December 14, via Zoom.

Conversation with the Groveland Community,

5:30 - 7 PM, Wednesday, January 18, in person at Veasey Memorial Park

Register for Conversation #2 here:

Conversation with Merrimack Valley Art Organizers,

5:30 - 7 PM, Wednesday, February 15, via Zoom

Register for Conversation #3 registration here:

If you have any questions, please reach out to Vanessa Lopez at

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