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June 2023
funded by the MMGA and Groveland CPA
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The Veasey Park forest is the home to animals, birds, pollinators and nature trails for us humans. Areas of the forest have been taken over by invasive non-native vines that have encroached on the hillside. At this year's annual Town Meeting, the Town of Groveland voted to grant a portion of its CPA funding to the Re-Wilding Team to restore 9000 square feet to its natural self-sustaining ecosystem for the benefit of all creatures. Trails leading to a central gathering area, and dense native plantings of trees, shrubs and groundcover will provide educational opportunities for us and habitat and food for the many creatures who call Veasey their home.

Click here for more about Re-Wilding Veasey Memorial Park!

This project is community and volunteer driven.  If interested in helping, please get in touch with us so we may connect you with the re-wilding team.

April 2023
sponsored through a grant from One Tree Planted

Over the past ten years, invested individuals, and groups like the Master Gardeners and Groveland Gardening club have been combating detrimental plants at Veasey Memorial Park.  Increasing biodiversity will benefit local wildlife and enrich, inspire, and educate the over 6,000 visitors who enjoy Veasey Park annually.  A grant from One Tree Planted allowed us to take another step in the overall re-wilding plan on April 14, 2023.  Master Gardeners and Groveland Garden club members provided hands-on, native gardening experience to community volunteers.  After a lot of hard work in the garden and learning about protecting local bird and wildlife by participating in "No Mow May", volunteers painted and planted seeds for a take-home pollinator garden.


This summer, the Friends of Veasey Memorial Park are bringing the artist behind "Plant Paint Cross-Pollinate" migrating mural public art project to Veasey Park!  "Plant Paint Cross-Pollinate" draws attention to the profound effect local plants have on the health of the ecosystem through art events led by artist Jenn Houle.


Native Plant and Bird Habitat


Bordering a former vegetable bed, and with a splendid view out to the north, south, and east, we have begun work on an ornamental garden that will attract and nurture the wildlife that makes Veasey Park their home.

The garden has been designed for us by noted landscaper Leo Blanchette with a focus on native plants that are beautiful, hard, and whose fruit and seeds will appeal to the many appetites of the Park's bird population.

In 2011 we were able to bring in new soil and apply organic treatments to make sure we don't accidentally introduce undesirable species. In 2012, we will begin planting according to Leo's design.



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