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Designers across New England return with unique garments made from recycled materials. The Rubbish to Runway at Veasey Memorial Park RE-Fashion Show, will take place over two nights, June 21st and June 22nd, 2024.

This amazing annual event is a fashion show featuring garments upcycled or made by local designers from materials that would otherwise be recycled or thrown away. This is an inclusive, body-positive event that also promotes re-use, resourcefulness and sustainable practices.  There is so much creativity in the designs, and we are proud that this is a Zero Waste event!

Our theme for this year is “Rewilding”. “The act of rewilding is the reconnection with the surrounding natural world and rethinking the current relationship with nature” (Isabelle Sain, Content Coordinator & Education Manager at Threading Change).  
Rewilding applies to fashion as well and we know the importance of re-use by shopping for vintage and thrifted items coupled with understanding the negative impact of fast fashion. To support this theme, we have invited local thrift shops to participate, including non-profits who work hard to help the community in many ways. 
We encourage designers to upcycle vintage/thrifted clothing and accessories in combination with items that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled. We'd love to see how you incorporate nature into your piece.

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Rubbish to Runway 2023 raised funds to renovate Lucile's Cottage, at Veasey Memorial Park, into studio space for artists and to increase art programming at the Park. Click through the 2023 gallery of R2R designs and fun! Photography by Lani Shumway Photography

R2R Event photography by Lani Shumway Photography.

R2R designs from previous years are shown below.


Designers across New England will return in 2024 on June 21st and 22nd with unique garments made from recycled materials.  A sustainable event, Rubbish to Runway is a body-positive, all-ages fashion show fundraiser.

TINKERHAUS is hosting a 2-part workshop FREE to Registered Designers on Tuesday, 5/9 and 5/23 from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.

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Are you a designer for R2R 2024?


Join us for a workshop or several!


Work on your R2R piece with fellow designers.

R2R Designer Workshops are from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM on 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/29, & 5/6.